Advanced Corporate Travel Coursework

05. Mastering the Admin Dashboard and TripActions Analytics Tools

The admin dashboard is your home within TripActions. This is your central command, where you can pull levers and press buttons that directly impact the cost savings, adoption, and experience possible through a unique travel policy. We’ll also teach you how to turn TripActions' real-time data into actionable insights that completely change how you see and manage business travel.
  • 5.1 Admin Dashboard Basics
  • 5.2 Transportation and Saver Statistics in the TripActions Admin Dashboard
  • 5.3 Advanced Admin Dashboard Management
  • 5.4 An Introduction to the TripActions Reporting Tool
  • 5.5 Tips for Getting the Most out of the Analytics Tool
  • 5.6 Mastering the Admin Dashboard Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed